Iman : Quarantine Life Day 102

Hello peeps. It’s me, Iman. Life has been pretty crazy so far. Masks are now the new fashion, Bernie Sanders lost the democratic nomination (NOOOOOO), and the US is now the world’s hot spot for covid-19. THE END IS NEAR! It’s all I think about everytime I go to bed. 

Yeah, my life has become pretty stressful. The world’s largest protests and civil unrest are happening right now because George Floyd, an innocent man, was killed over a $20 bill. Is that how much a black man’s life is worth? Twenty dollars? When is this world going to see the wrong of this world?

I really want to be in the protests, but I can’t. We have to stay home, doing nothing. Trump is currently doing dumb things. He is being racist, he is being rude, he is acting like a jerk who can just do what he wants, and he doesn’t even raise his FINGER after George Floyds death.

It must be awful for George Floyd’s family. Their president doesn’t care at all for their relative’s death. He just says what makes the people happy, and then NEVER EVEN DOES what he says.

ARRRRGH. Why did our community vote for an AWFUL PERSON like Trump? We could have gotten Bernie, the world’s greatest democratic contestant! But NOOOOOO, we got Joe Biden, and Trump. I hope that the US will get a better leader. I also wish that police would just stop killing Black people. 

The police who killed George Floyd have been charged with murder. (YAY JUSTICE!) I am super angry that doctors and nurses are not getting the supplies that they need for helping covid-19 patients.

Some health care workers are even dying because they don’t have masks. Covid started out with doctors dressed up looking like trash bags, and now, the police are dressed like super suit Samus from Super Metroid! (Sigh) Good bye for now!

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