Musfira’s Log: Day 1 – Two Movies and a Party

Today is June 22st  2020. As you might know, there is a pandemic of Covid-19 also known as CoronaVirus. We are currently in self-quarantine. Today is our 102th day. Two days ago we had a 100th day party (Alone,In our house, Family only) It was EPIC. We watched TWO WHOLE MOVIES! And got gifts 🙂 I got a card stock book and a sticker book.  I also gave momma a cute card! She loved it 🙂

We watched Mirai and Okko’s Inn. Mirai was about a little boy who just got a baby sister but he did not accept it. Every time the little boy threw a fit he would go to magical memories of family members including: Mom, Mirai, Grandpa And Grandma, And Yuko. 

Okko’s Inn was about a girl who lost her parents in a car crash and then went to go live at her grand-mothers Inn. She met a ghost and became junior innkeeper. The ghosts’ names were Uribo and Miyo. My personal preference for the movies was Okko’s Inn. 

Iman made AN ICE CREAM CAKE! It was a chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. It was so good! 🙂 It was served while watching Mirai. We also had cream soda while watching Mirai. I recommend Okko’s Inn. It’s better than Mirai. 

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