Musfira’s Nasheed Recommendation

Today is June 29th 2020. I am sitting on the COMFY chair while typing this. We’re also listening to Native Deen My Faith, My Voice. (my faith.. My voice, don’t care what they say, my faith, my voice

I like that nasheed. The lyrics speak up for Muslims. 

I know what they call us

They try to blame all us

But I know how the Prophet lived like

I know what he taught us.

People think Muslims are terrorists but we’re not. Islam teaches kindness. Some people refuse to give money to homeless people but Islam teaches us to give. Islam teaches us that life is important, and every act of kindness is always counted no matter how small it is. 

Now we are finishing the nasheed Rise Up. There are six people who sing it together. I don’t know all of their names. They’re speaking up for black people and justice. This is important because people can’t see beyond their skin color, and they treat black people horribly and unfairly. People should understand that the color of your skin doesn’t matter, your personality does. They don’t give black people their rights. I recommend people listen to this nasheed because it tells people about what’s happening.

  1. Samia M

    Lovee these recommendations Musfira! Farewell to The World and Subhan Allah by Native Deen are my favourites…

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