Man that was fun

Le Sigh.

We just got back from our vacation, and our house is not livable. Buuuut……. That’s not what I wanna write about. Change of topic. we just went on a 3-week vacay to dubai, oman, and turkey- and it was awesome. Key highlights- But first -dubai, then in other posts ill tell you more.

Dubai: Waterpark!!! Favorite ride: Jumeriah SCREAM!!! Picture this: you enter the waterpark (Wild Wadi) and the first sign is directly to the left of us and is for a slide is labeled “Jumeriah Scream!” Momma is helping Rigma find a place to sit, and Baba is looking at the sign and says “lets go on that one first!” “What about momma?” asks Iman. “She’ll catch up.” We start walking when i stop and glance at this HUGE tower of a slide to the right. I ask baba if we can go on that one next, and he says yes. We follow the sign and walk for around 10 minuits and finally we are there! My heart suddenly drops out of my chest when we are at the base of that huge tower i mentioned earlier. Oh no no no no. I hate heights. And this slide is the definition of heights. This.  Slide. Is. Too. Tall. I silence my heart and we climb steps for around 5 more min. We get in the line, which was only like, 15 people, and wait. 2 min later,  Momma comes up the steps. “You made it!” I say. She joins us in the line, and finally, FINALLY, its our turn. Lemme just give you a quick rundown. This is the new version of jumeriah scarea… THis ride is 32 meters high, and you go down at a whopping 80 kmph. Basically, you get in a tube, cross your arms and legs pray for your life that you don’t die, and then… The floor goes kaput. Here’s a video. (This is not ours.) 

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