Yoxio AWOL from Blogistan, local authorities suspect kidnapping

by Staff Reporter

Blogistan, Pk- The recent disappearance of several noteworthy blog logos has raised eyebrows in Blogistan, not only because the empty holes look funny, but due to the coincidental timing: Yoxio has vanished as well.

Yoxio, formerly a pro-bono image host, is now missing, and authorities think that Yoxio’s disappearance may just be linked to the missing images.

“It’s too convenient to overlook,” Blogistan’s Police Commissioner- Ayman bin Searchin, admitted at a recent press conference. “The fact that the supposed host of these images has vanished at the same time has us looking into a possible kidnapping, but so far no ransom note or phone call from any purported kidnappers has been made.”

An estimated umpteen million images have been lost, and Blogistani law enforcement has promised to devote the proper resources and manpower to the case. Bloggers are perturbed nonetheless. “Yoxio has died,” one sad blogger exclaimed, expressing her worst fears over the host’s disappearance, “…and none of my images are showing…”

Another blogger suspiciously informed reporters that “-Photobucket is being weird too.” Is there any link? Officials on behalf of Photobucket gave no comment, as they were not contacted. Regarding this supposed Yoxio-Photobucket connection, the Police Commissioner was reportedly unable to comment, as his mouth was full of Turkish delight.

Faced with the loss of images as well as the disappearance of a trusted host, Bloggers are now turning towards other hosts. Images4free.com has provided comfort and 10mb to the aggrieved, and other hosts, like Imagehosting.us and AfreeImagehost have been clambering to fill the vacuum that Yoxio’s disappearance has created.

Until Yoxio can be found and the missing images are returned, bloggers are advised to stay calm and leave 10 million ice-cream cones in a brown paper bag in the comment box if they want to see their images alive ever again. –AFP (Abezi Fraud Press)


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